Toyota Hilux first service: Things I noticed & accessories installation

On stock tyres, the pickup truck returned a fuel efficiency of 13 km/l on a highway drive.

BHPian corneliu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Just jotting down some observations after the first servicing + free/paid accessories installation.

  • I agree with folks about the bed liner. It’s okay. Nowhere near Line-X though. If one is not getting the bed liner free of cost, I would definitely recommend getting a Line-X coating done instead. It also works out to be marginally cheaper.
  • There was some confusion around the AdBlue levels at the time of delivery (there was some doubt about whether a new car comes with only 1000km worth of AdBlue). Apparently, the new car should come with AdBlue fully topped up at the time of delivery, so that during the first servicing only a cursory level check is done.
  • When I bought the car I had paid for a 3M body care package which included anti-rust coating for the underside. Due to a very rushed delivery, I was unable to properly examine the work done. I was unpleasantly surprised to get a call from my service advisor, very cheerfully asking me whether I wanted to get an anti-rust coating done for the underside. Turns out the dealer had not done the job at the time of delivery! A few phone calls with a very proactive sales manager helped resolve the issue. I have seen this issue being flagged in the underbody/anti-rust thread on this forum, and it would be great if members with experience with this could share some tips on how to properly examine the quality of underbody work done.
  • The accessory installation technicians are still pretty raw and it will take them more time to learn how to ensure their work has a flawless finish. If you are planning an accessory install, it might be worthwhile waiting a little longer for them to garner more experience with the experience of lab rats such as myself.
  • Managed to get 13+kmpl FE on a highway drive (I was still on stock tyres then). Was averaging 85-90kmph (rpm around ~1500). A lot of this was cruise control (the lever position is a wee bit of a bother). I do remember the user manual mentioning something about a Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature, but I’m not sure if the India model has it. Has anyone figured this out?
  • Completely agree about the right armrest. It’s too low, and no amount of seat adjustment will help. If someone figures out a solution to this, please do share it with us.
  • Regarding the window visors obstructing the right side view, I do agree this is definitely a problem. Not so much the grab handle though, in my case. I’m trying to adapt my eyes to quickly look through the visor while turning.
  • Got the tyres swapped to BFG KO2. The car definitely feels much more firm & planted. I have a lot of highway driving ahead; will share my FE observations on the new tyres thereafter.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.


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