Theft: Store Staffer Booked For Theft Of Car Accessories | Chandigarh News

Panchkula: A car accessories store in-charge working with a Nexa car showroom at Industrial Area, Panchkula, has been booked for stealing and selling car accessoriesfrom the store located outside the dealership. A complaint filed with the police by Yogesh Kapoor, resident of Sector-42/C, Chandigarh, working as manager with Modern Automobiles, Nexa car showroom, located at Industrial Area Phase-II.He alleged that during the audit of car accessories store situated in the workshop, he found that funds did not match the stock sale.
Upon further checking, it was found that accessory store in-charge, Prashant Kohli was involved in selling the accessories outside the showroom. When Kapoor interrogated, he confessed to have stolen and sold car accessories worth Rs 1.5 lakh outside the workshop. Kapoor said that he would provide the cops with a detailed list of the missing items once the audit is completed.
Based on his complaint, police booked the accused under section 381 (theft by clerk, servant, etc.) of the IPC at Sector-20 police station, and initiated an investigation in the case. tnn
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