The 13 Best Winter Accessories For Your Car

While essentials like jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a tire iron should be in your car year round, it’s a good idea to have the best winter accessories for your car on hand when cold weather strikes. These accessories can help you prepare both the exterior and interior of your car for snowy and icy weather conditions and even help you out in a pinch.

When it comes to products that can help you clear snow and ice from your windows, there are actually a variety of options to choose from. A basic snow brush and ice scraper combo is always useful (and an extendable one can make it easier to reach what you need to), but if you tend to get a lot of ice, snow, or frost, a spray-on windshield de-icer is ideal for tougher jobs. And a windshield, mirror, or wiper cover can prevent the elements from getting on inconvenient parts of your car in the first place.

When snow piles up or ices over on the ground, it’s helpful to have a portable shovel to dig your way out and even kitty litter to give your tires extra grip (yep, the cat litter thing is real). Since cold weather can cause a loss of tire pressure, having an air compressor on hand is important for emergency fill-ups.

There are also many handy accessories for inside the car, including an electric heated blanket that plugs into a 12-volt outlet to help you stay toasty and a set of heavy-duty car mats to protect your floors from whatever you accidentally track in. Oh, and if you’re looking for a way to organize all of these winter accessories, a trunk organizer is a lifesaver — you can thank me later.

A winter wonderland is beautiful to look at, and these eight highly rated car accessories can help keep you safe, warm, and protected on the road so that you can enjoy everything the cold season has to offer.

1. A Budget-Friendly Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

With more than 15,000 ratings on Amazon and a stellar 4.7-star rating overall, Amazon reviewers have attested that this Mallory snow brush and ice scraper is both highly effective and durable, especially considering the fact that it comes with a low price tag of under $15. The brush head has four rows of bristles for removing snow. And the 4-inch-wide scraper blade can break through thick ice with ease. This pick features a long, 26-inch handle — a must for reaching across the windshield — with a soft foam grip that provides both comfort and control.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This is probably the most useful item I’ve purchased in the last 6 months. I live in the Midwest with a snow storm every other day. Lots of ice and the way this thing just breaks and clears the ice with the scraper side, is amazing. So easy. No extra strength needed. Then the brush side is amazing as well. So easy to just slide the snow off, and doesn’t leave any scratches on my car. The length is wonderful too. I’m 5’1” and I can reach over the middle of the windshield.”

2. A Windshield De-Icer Spray For Tough Jobs

Tough jobs are no match for this de-icer spray from CRC, which can melt ice, snow, and frost on contact. It’s easy to use — simply spray it on the windshield and watch it go to work — and is effective in sub-zero temperatures. But don’t just take my word for it; Amazon reviewers were totally thrilled with this pick, too, giving it a solid 4.5-star overall rating on the site.

Beyond clearing off your windshield, this pick can also effectively thaw frozen locks so you won’t have to shiver outside your car for longer than necessary on a cold day. And don’t worry — according to the brand, it shouldn’t cause any damage to your car’s finish.

This pick is also sold in a two-, three-, or 12-pack.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Would buy this product again in a heartbeat. De Icer instantly removes layer of ice with NO scraping. I was back inside my (warm) car within 3 minutes! […] Simply spray on the window top to bottom and the ice melts instantly. Does not leave a residue. So very happy to have found this product. Will continue to buy & recommend.”

3. A Cover That Protects The Windshield

If you literally can’t be bothered by clearing snow, ice, and frost from your vehicle, you need this OxGord windshield cover in your life. The cover is basically like a big blanket for your car — drape it over your windshield before inclement weather begins, and it’ll keep your windshield perfectly clean. And the best part? It’s super easy to install, no tools required. Simply put the cover on the windshield and secure it in place by closing its side panels in your doors and attaching the elastic bands to your car’s side mirrors. No magnets or suction cups are needed.

The cover is made with multiple layers of polyester and PVC, so it’s thick and durable, and it has a thermal shield that traps heat in, keeping the windshield free of fog and frost. This pick is designed to fit most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, and OxGord also sells a version designed to fit your rear window.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “LOVE this cover! So much so that I want to get the back windshield for next winter. It is so helpful on cold mornings. There is literally no snow or ice built up on the windshield at all. Easy to put on and take off, and just takes 60 seconds at the most.”

4. A Small Shovel That Breaks Down For Storage

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and you never know when you’ll need to shovel your car out of a snow mound. But when you do, you’ll be thankful to have this shovel from Lifeline on hand. The shovel is made from aluminum, which is stronger and more durable than plastic options. It features a handle that adjusts from 21 to 26 to 32 inches in length so you can shovel comfortably no matter how tall you are.

And if you’re thinking you couldn’t possibly have room to store a shovel in your car, I promise you have room for this one. The shovel breaks down into three separate pieces, so it’s super compact. And it’s lightweight, too, at just over 1 pound. Choose from a bunch of different colors, including a black and blue set that comes in a two pack.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Half a dozen snow storms later…Still going strong! If you beat this thing up hard, that is into ice and other obstructions/pavement it will begin to show signs of wear and tear. However, if you use it as intended for SNOW and don’t try to leverage anything heavy with it or bust up ice dams it will perform season after season. This shovel breaks down very nicely and smoothly and stores under the seat of my car neatly.”

5. Cat Litter To Give Your Tires Grip

This cat litter from Cat’s Pride isn’t just for kitties; it can also help give your car tires some much-needed traction when they’re stuck in snow or sleet. The key is to choose a litter that clumps, and this one does just that. To use, simply spread the cat litter in front of your stuck tires to give them that extra grip.

This pick comes with 10 pounds of cat litter.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Bought it to keep in the trunk of my car in case I ever get stuck somewhere. Throw it under your wheels to soak up any water.”

6. An Air Compressor To Fill Tires

Cool temperatures can mean a major loss in tire pressure, but fortunately, this air compressor from FORTEM can quickly and easily inflate your car’s tires regardless of where you are, since it plugs directly into your car’s 12-volt outlet. The machine is compact in size — 7.64 by 6.14 by 2.95 inches (length by width by height) to be exact — and lightweight, too, at under 2 pounds. And Amazon reviewers totally back this pick, giving it a 4.5-star overall rating on the site, among 17,000 and growing reviews.

To use, simply start your car, connect the plug to the outlet (the cord is a whopping 14 feet long) and the inflator to your tire, set the desired PSI, wait for the display to stop blinking, and flip the switch on — it’s as easy as that! The inflator will automatically shut off once the desired PSI is reached.

This pick comes with a 1 year warranty. Choose from three color options — blue, black, or red.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This little inflator is what i needed to stop wasting $2 every few weeks during winter. It is very handy and works really well. The cord is long enough to reach all 4 tires very easily. Operating the inflator is very easy.”

7. A Writer-Approved Electric Car Blanket For Extra Warmth

This electric blanket from Stalwart will keep you toasty warm in even the chilliest of winter temperatures. Made from polyester, the blanket is cozy, soft, and lightweight, and it’s compatible with any car, truck, SUV, or RV with a 12-volt outlet. This pick has a 96-inch-long cord, so even passengers in the backseat can enjoy it. I personally gave this blanket as a gift to a family member, and can attest it’s a quality product that’s super useful to have around the car during winter.

Only downsides to this pick? You can’t adjust the heat settings, and it is spot clean only. Choose from six colors, most of which feature a plaid pattern.

The blanket is 59 by 43 inches in size.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “My teen’s older car heater takes awhile to heat up, sometimes not reaching a comfortable temperature until she’s arrived at her destination. She said this blanket is awesome, heats fast, and she doesn’t even need the heater. For reference, the temperature has ranged from 25-45 F since we’ve had the blanket.”

8. A Fan-Favorite Set Of Heavy-Duty Mats To Protect Your Floors

With more than 71,700 reviews on Amazon and a solid 4.3-star rating overall, these car mats from Motor Trend are built to withstand harsh winter weather, protecting your car floors from the elements. The heavy-duty mats are made of durable rubber, and they’re tested in extreme conditions to ensure they don’t crack, split, or deform.

This pick comes with three all-weather mats that can be trimmed with scissors, so they’ll work in many different vehicles.

Choose from five colors, including black, gray, or beige.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I bought a new vehicle and live in the Midwest so getting good floor mats for the winter was a priority. These are truly heavy duty and deep enough to hold snow and slush from winter boots – really, you could have a small lake going on. […] I appreciated being able to custom size them so they provide the best coverage. They are easy to cut with standard scissors and have multiple grooves for cutting away however much you need while maintaining the proper shape. Although this is my first winter with them, I am confident they will last me years.”

9. A Warm Steering Wheel Cover Set

Made from thick and fluffy wool, this steering wheel cover set from Valleycomfy will make sure your hands stay toasty warm as you drive. The three-piece set comes with a steering wheel cover — it is a universal size (15 inches) to fit most vehicles and it has elastic to ensure it stays in place — plus covers for the gear shifter and handbrake. Choose from five different color options, including gray, black, and purple.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “10/10 would buy again. It is soft and comfortable where I find myself just running my hands over the wheel at stop lights. It is fluffy, but not thick. I have full control over the wheel. It keeps the steering wheel warm in the winter.”

10. An Extendable Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

This brush and ice scraper combo from JOYTUTUS extends from 27 to 61 inches in length, allowing you to clean snow and ice off your car with ease. This pick is particularly ideal if you are on the shorter side or if you have a tall or large vehicle like a truck or SUV, but also if you don’t like leaning against a snowy car when you’re clearing it off. The brush head rotates 270 degrees to reach all areas of your car’s windshield, roof, and windows. This pick is highly durable (it is made from thick plastic), and it features a non-slip foam handle that’s comfortable to hold. When not in use, this pick breaks down into smaller pieces and can be stored in the included bag. This set also comes with a pair of gloves.

Choose from blue or black, and two sizes — the large option extends to 61 inches in length and medium extends to 47 inches in length

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I am only 5ft tall and this brush is a great length for me to clear my SUV. Easy to assemble/disassemble and I love how the snow brush rotates.”

11. A Set Of Covers For Your Side Mirrors & Windshield Wipers

If you’re tired of cleaning off your side mirrors and windshield wipers when it snows or sleets, these covers from HELM will solve your dilemma for just $10 — simply put them on before a storm, and they’ll keep your mirrors and wipers totally clean! The covers are a universal size; the two side mirror covers (16 by 12 inches) and two windshield wiper covers (for blades up to 28 inches long) will work on the vast majority of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Made from a high density poly fabric, the covers are waterproof, and the closure at the end ensures they’ll stay in place.

This set includes enough covers for one vehicle, but HELM sells a set for two vehicles as well.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Good quality and big enough for any side mirror. I have 3 cars so I bought 2 sets and These are going to save me time this winter”

12. A Waterproof Seat Cover

This cover from Gorla is 100% waterproof (since it’s made from neoprene) to protect your car’s seat from any wintery weather that you may accidentally bring in with you. The universal cover will fit all bucket-style seats, and it has an anti-slip backing and built-in straps to prevent it from bunching, slipping, or sliding. Also included is a seat belt protector that’s made from the same waterproof neoprene material. Amazon reviewers are pleased with this pick, giving it a standout 4.6-star rating overall on the site, among 6,000 and growing reviews.

Choose from five color options, including black, beige, or gray to vibe with your car’s interior. The seat cover boasts a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “this is awesome. covers up and protects the seat. more comfortable than sitting on hot leather in the summer or cold leather in the winter. super easy to put on. keeps seats clean.”

13. A Roadside Kit For Emergencies

For peace of mind, it’s wise to keep this emergency kit from STDY in the trunk of your vehicle at all times, but particularly in the winter. The set comes with a wide variety of items to help you handle emergency situations, including jumper cables (they are 7.6 feet in length), a reflective warning triangle, a flashlight, a utility knife, safety gloves, and a tow rope. A first aid kit is also included in the set, with essentials like an emergency blanket to keep you warm and bandages. All of the items are corralled into a compact storage bag. Amazon reviewers give this kit a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on the site, so you can rest assured that it’s a good pick to have on hand.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Just got this auto emergency kit yesterday. It has everything I can think of for an auto emergency!!! Still like fresh when my car battery died last winter. Had to call my friend to bring the jumper cables from far away. It is definitely wiser to just have one in the trunk so that you can easily ask for help with the cars passing by. It seems most of these small tools won’t be used normally, however, they might matter a lot when abnormal things happens.”


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