All those Claw Clips In Your Hair Could Be Harmful

Each Jurkowski and her mate have been wearing claw clips in their hair when the collision happened. The pair ended up spared from getting their scalps hurt, but they did encounter some problems and neck soreness that lasted a couple of days. (Jurkowski followed up with a medical professional because of to a background of concussions she was Ok!)

“It was a quite minor incident to exactly where I believe if we didn’t have claw clips in, we almost certainly would not even have been in any discomfort at all,” claimed Jurkowski, who famous that the clip saved her head in a ahead position, so the uncomfortable angle most likely contributed to her lasting neck suffering adhering to the effects. 

“I didn’t even know this was a point,” Jurkowski reported, “but we have been quite fortunate it wasn’t a serious incident.” 

Dr. J Mack Slaughter, an emergency drugs health practitioner performing in the north Texas location, informed BuzzFeed News he has mentioned the claw clip chaos with other unexpected emergency doctors in the state who stated they’ve individually seen a few of scenarios. However, Slaughter stated there are no acknowledged cases of a clip essentially penetrating the skull. (Some TikTok commenters have explained that some men and women have died because of a claw clip wound, but there’s no evidence to validate those people promises.) 

“It would consider a ton of drive for it to penetrate the skull, which is so robust that these plastic claw clips would be considerably much more likely to split ahead of that would take place, even though some with people really thick enamel make me question,” mentioned Slaughter, who also spoke to numerous neurosurgeons who stated they haven’t addressed any individual soon after a claw clip incident simply because instances weren’t serious enough to warrant their care. 

“If we’re speaking about daily life-threatening injuries, my suspicion for that is pretty very low,” Slaughter reported. “Fortunately, it is not an injury that would land you in the intensive care unit for a month or everything. As very long as there is not an connected fracture of the neck or spine, then it is a thing we commonly can repair in the ER and mail the individual home.”

Claw clips that have metallic pieces could pose better injuries dangers, but the plastic kinds are plenty of to lead to some hurt. In several conditions, the clip won’t even crack upon affect (Jurkowski’s did not), but you could actually be improved off if it does, Slaughter stated. 

“It’s far better for the force to be absorbed by the clip itself and then it shatters,” Slaughter stated, “rather than the clip preserving its integrity and then exerting all that pressure specifically into your scalp.”

It’s probable also that in some situations, your claw clip can guard you from more really serious head injuries like a concussion, but that depends on the form and rigidity of the clip’s materials, Slaughter said. 

“If it is thinner, rounded, and extra adaptable, it could stop up absorbing or displacing some of the power of affect, which could probably be protecting against additional critical head trauma,” Slaughter reported. “But if it is a thick and rigid linear clip, it would merely transmit the force specifically to the head, which, primarily if explained clip has sharp points, could undoubtedly result in a lot more injury.”

Wounds from claw clips soon after a automobile crash can glimpse really grotesque, even though, since any personal injury to the head or facial area final results in a good deal of bleeding, normally making it look substantially even worse than it actually is. 

“It just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds for the reason that it is overcompensating to make positive that there is certainly always enough blood move to the brain without blood move, the mind dies relatively quickly,” Slaughter claimed. “People appear into the crisis space all the time with a pretty little laceration to their scalp, but in their minds it is really like a lethal wound since it is really just bleeding in all places, their hair is drenched, their faces are caked in dried blood, but then we locate the reduce and it is really like an inch.”

That stated, the finest way to prevent this type of injury is to remove your claw clip — and just anything that is sharp or pointy from driving your head — though in a car, or use a scrunchie or other accessory to keep your hair again rather. 

And whilst you are practicing harmless driving etiquette, Slaughter claimed to remember to maintain your ft off the dashboard. If a vehicle stops abruptly or an airbag deploys, it can set you at risk for serious damage, this sort of as a hip fracture.

Slaughter offered this reward tip for people today anxious about car mishaps: Connect a seatbelt cutter and window puncher to your keychain, because they could support you get out of a motor vehicle if included in a critical crash.


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